Saturday, February 10, 2018

Best Credit Cards for International Travel

There are many things to consider before booking a trip in a foreign country. You would have to choose hotels, routes, and way of travel, find interesting things to do, find the landmarks you want to visit and places you would eat. There is one thing which people always seem to forget about though and that is the best credit cards for international travel. You might be forced to pay insane fees while withdrawing money or even purchasing products in a store.  The top companies, however, charge exactly 0$ in fees during foreign transactions and are the most travel-friendly option which any person could take advantage of. Here is a list of the best credit cards for international travel.

Best Credit Cards for International Travel

Chase Sapphire Preferred

This is not only a simple card which provides 0$ foreign transactions fees, there is plenty of reasons because of which it makes the list. It has insane reward programs. For example, you could earn up to fifty thousand bonus points if you make four thousand dollars in purchases throughout the first three months after opening your account. Its program is especially suitable for people that frequently fly regardless of whether it’s for pleasure or business as you will earn twice as many points in dining restaurants worldwide. It’s an advantage even when using locally. The signup bonus’s value is around 625$ after redeeming the Chase Ultimate Rewards.

The annual fee of the card is 95$ after the first year. However, if you consider the insane value it brings to the tables plus the rewards from which you could benefit, the cost is very easily justifiable even if you don’t go to another country that often. The initial sing up bonus basically makes up for more than a six year’s worth fees.

Best Credit Cards for International Travel

American Expresses Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

Also among the best credit cards for international travel for people that frequently travel around the world.  You will be earning twice the amount of points compared to other cards while making specific purchases. The card provides other treats as well in the face of free premium and free Wi-Fi in room when the options are available of course.  The card has specific airline partners, and you could easily benefit from their loyalty programs. Exemplary partners are American Airline Advantage and Delta SkyMiles.

There are more than a thousand and three hundred participating venues worldwide, where you could earn and redeem your points.

Best Credit Cards for International Travel

Discover It Cashback Match

If you are looking to score direct cash back instead of travel rewards, then this is the card for you. Obviously it has 0$ foreign transaction fees, however, you will be able to get a five percent cashback on a variety of categories which change each three months and include online shops, gas stations, major stores and etc.

The only “negative” side of this card is that it has no signup bonus, but it does offer a bonus at the end of the year. Delayed gratification is always the best option to go with though.

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