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Things You Need to Know about the Salary of Fusion Travel Nursing

Fusion Travel Nursing

Before we proceed further, this article is intended for the travelling registered nurses; however, the information included here may also benefit the travelling healthcare professionals. We make sure to go in-depth about the normal life of the Fusion Travel Nursing, so you will know what to expect. It is also important to note that all matters that pertain to the travelling nurses can also have a certain impact on the life of a travelling medical professional.

The Average Salary of the Fusion Travel Nursing

According to the information provided by the, the travelling nurses work at an approximately 48 hour per week. With an estimated salary of $40/hour, they can earn an average of $75,000 annually. Normally, they will only have to work for 39 weeks, and they can take a day off on their remaining 13 weeks. There are also different answers regarding the average salary of Fusion Travel Nursing; according to Simply Hired, travelling nurses will make $55,000 annually while Buzzle said that the initial salary may start from $40,000 while the salary of an experienced travelling nurse can increase up to $90,000 per year.

Fusion Travel Nursing

The Cost Associated With the Job

When we analyzed the average salary of a professional, we normally rely on the permanent job as the measuring stick. In addition, we are also aware that permanent jobs come with a set of cost that comes with the job. For instance, the Fusion Travel Nursing is responsible for the expenses related with their travels. Aside from that, they are also expected to receive the same benefit as the average registered nurse. Therefore, when we mentioned above that the travelling nurses have an average salary of $75,000 it is still important to factor the cost. Here are some of the expenses that can affect the salary of the travelling nurse.

·         Tax Home- Fusion Travel Nursing qualifies for tax reimbursement. However, in order to qualify for the reimbursement, you need to maintain a tax home. In case you are not maintaining a tax-home then the benefits that you receive from the company will be taxable. Maintaining your tax home involves certain level of expenses.

·         Travel Expenses- travelling between your different clients will cost you a hefty amount of cash. Regardless if you are taking the bus, flying or driving. There will also be transportation-associated expenses such as lodging and food.

·         License Expenses- Fusion Travel Nursing will be required to take licenses from different states. The license may cost hundreds of dollars. They are also required to maintain their certifications. Compared to the other professions, staffing agencies will not be required to handle this cost.

·         Medical Benefits- travelling nurses are also required to secure their medical benefits. This is due to the fact that travelling nurses will have to work with different agencies such as Fusion Travel Nursing.

The salary of the Fusion Travel Nursing can also be affected by their areas of specialties. Their rate may vary depending on there are of expertise.

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