Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tips for Visiting Disney from Disney World Travel Agents

Disney World Travel Agents

Booking a vacation with Disney World travel agents can save you from many headaches and stress of booking your own vacation. Disney World travel agents have many tips that could save you time, money, and headaches while you and your family are at the park. Here are just a few of the best tips and tricks from Disney World travel agents.

1. Packing Wisely Could Save You A Lot of Money

When you are packing for any trip, you should make sure you pack everything that you will need. Most times, when you are on vacation, you can spend a few dollars to pick up items that you are missing from your bag. However, this is not the case with Disney World. Many items that you buy in stores that are near the park will have higher prices than normal. This could cost you a lot of money on items that you could have brought from home.

2. Have a Plan and Stick with It

Disney World is huge, and the best tip that most Disney World travel agents will give you is to make a plan and try to stick to it. There are many park maps online that you can use to make a plan of what rides you want to go on, and what is the best route of getting around the park. This can stop you from having to walk from one end of the park to the other, so you do not waste time and energy.

3. Buy Your FastPasses Early

The restaurants in Disney World are known for their long waiting lists, so you should book your spot early. However, the same is now true with the FastPass+ program. This allows you to go on most rides and skip some of the lines, but the FastPass+ also allows you to go on rides like Toy Story Mania, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, and Frozen Ever After. These tickets are very popular, so you should buy them well before your trip to Disney. You can buy a FastPass + 60 days before your check-in date.

4. Try to Pick Dates That is Less Crowded

If you can, you should try to be flexible with your travel dates. Visiting the parks during peak season can lead to headaches and really long lines. Some of the best times to visit the park are during early January, and from September to November.

5. Have Fun Outside of the Parks

While you should spend most of your time in the parks, there are many things that you can do outside of the park to have a break from the Disney overload. Take some time to research what is around the park, and see if there is anything that your family also wants to do.

Many Disney World travel agents do not just sell vacations; they take many trips to Disney World themselves. This can help them create great trips for you and your family. Hopefully, these tips can help you have a magical vacation at Disney World.

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